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The Fugitive (1963): The Judgment (1) Info

Episode Title: The Judgment (1)
Episode Rating: 9.3
Aired on: 8/22/1967
Season #: 4
Episode #: 29

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The Fugitive (1963): The Judgment (1) [9.3]

Episode Summary

In the first part of the series finale, the one-armed man, Fred Johnson, who Kimble has been pursuing, has been arrested for a minor crime. Lt. Gerard tries to use this to lure Kimble out into the open. Meanwhile, a woman who knows Kimble tries to help him. Kimble tries to verify if this one-armed man is the one he is looking for, but someone wires a bail bondsman some money to bail Johnson out. Kimble then visits the bail bondsman but finds him dead. He then goes through his papers and is shocked to see who sent the money. He then goes to meet this person but Gerard catches and takes him in. As Johnson hops on a train, Kimble and Gerard are making their way back home to Stafford, Indiana.

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