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The Fugitive (1963): A Taste of Tomorrow Info

Episode Title: A Taste of Tomorrow
Episode Rating: 9.1
Aired on: 4/12/1966
Season #: 3
Episode #: 28

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You are here: Home / The Fugitive (1963) / Season 3 / Episode 28: A Taste of Tomorrow

The Fugitive (1963): A Taste of Tomorrow [9.1]

Episode Summary

Kimble meets Joe Tucker, another fugitive whom claims that he was wrongly convicted for embezzlement four years earlier and wants to return to his hometown to kill the bank officer he claims framed him. When Kimble is arrested for driving Joe's truck which was stolen, Joe's teenage daughter, Sarah, tries to get Kimble to reveal the location of her father claiming that the real culprit, whom died recently, had confessed to the crime before he died. Kimble manages to escape from the jail and tries to find Joe before he kills an innocent man. But the police uncover Kimble's true identity and set out to capture both him and Joe.

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