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The Fugitive (1963): Season 3

Episode 1: Wings of an Angel (s03e01)

Plot Summary: Kimble is riding on a bus when the police stop it, not to arrest Kimble, but to capture an escaped convict who takes a woman hostage. Kimble disarms the man, but gets stabbed during the struggle while the convict is shot dead. Not knowing his true identity, the police treat Kimble as a hero and transport him to a hospital for treatment, the prison hospital. When two inmates recognize Kimble in the prison infirmary, they threaten to reveal his identity unless he assists them in their drug smuggling scheme by stealing morphine from the medicine cabinet. Kimble goes along with it, but the drugs get discovered by a guard. One of the prisoners, a innocent orderly named Mickey Deming, gets accused being involved with the smuggling. Kimble recovers and is released. But he risks his freedom when he returns to try to clear Mickey of the charges.
Originally aired on: 9/14/1965
Fan Rating: 8.4

Episode 2: Middle of a Heat Wave (s03e02)

Plot Summary: While dating a local woman named Laurel Harper, Kimble breaks off their romantic affair and she angrily storms out of the bar they are in and into the night. The next morning, Laurel is found on an abandoned road unconscious and badly beaten. While she is taken to a hospital for treatment, Laurel's paranoid and suspicious sister, Sheila, convinces the police to hold Kimble for questioning.
Originally aired on: 9/21/1965
Fan Rating: 8.0

Episode 3: Crack in a Crystal Ball (s03e03)

Plot Summary: A scam artist posing as a psychic goes on TV to prove that he knows where Kimble will appear next-with a little help from an accomplice who is traveling with Kimble.
Originally aired on: 9/28/1965
Fan Rating: 6.1

Episode 4: Trial by Fire (s03e04)

Plot Summary: Kimble's sister Donna summons him home with a possible break in the case: a letter from James Eckhardt, a former U.S. Army captain who also saw the one-armed man fleeing from the Kimble's house on the night of Helen's murder. Kimble meets with Eckhardt, who agrees to help the fugitive out. Eckhardt's story seems strong enough to clear Kimble. But unknown to either men, another witness comes forward: a convict in prison for drug dealing, who reveals that he used to sell heroin to Eckhart for a Korean War battle wound and that Eckhardt was on his way to see him that night to buy some drugs, which is more than enough for Gerard to discredit Eckhardt's testimony.
Originally aired on: 10/5/1965
Fan Rating: 8.2

Episode 5: Conspiracy of Silence (s03e05)

Plot Summary: While working as a steward at a remote desert resort, Kimble is unaware that the area is a top-secret government test site for chemical weapons. Kimble tries to leave, but gets mistaken for a spy by Major Beck, the head of the project. When several staff members, including the staff physician, suffer from a resulting chemical explosion, Kimble is pressed into service to care for the wounded, unaware that Beck still plans to turn him into the army general leading the project.
Originally aired on: 10/12/1965
Fan Rating: 6.6

Episode 6: Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue (s03e06)

Plot Summary: Kimble is working as a chauffeur for George Forster, a successful contractor who returns to his small Midwestern home town with big plans for the community. While Forster's homecoming is greeted by overall apathy and resentment, Kimble discovers that one of the townspeople is planning to kill Forster. Kimble must find out who it is before his secret is discovered.
Originally aired on: 10/19/1965
Fan Rating: 8.4

Episode 7: All the Scared Rabbits (s03e07)

Plot Summary: Kimble responds to a newspaper ad for a driver and is hired to drive a certain Peggy Franklin and her 10-year-old daughter, Nancy, to California. But Kimble doesn't realize that Peggy has abducted Nancy from her ex-husband, a pathologist named Dean Franklin. Nancy innocently removes a rabbit from Dean's research lab, unaware that the rabbit has meningitis. When Nancy contracts the sickness, Kimble risks keeping his secret safe to save Nancy before she dies.
Originally aired on: 10/26/1965
Fan Rating: 8.6

Episode 8: An Apple a Day (s03e08)

Plot Summary: Running from the police, Kimble hides out at a farm owned by a local country doctor, named Josephus Adams, who treats his patients with little more than a dose of honey and a reassuring word. After one elderly woman under Adams' care dies from a protracted bronchial infection, an angry Kimble intervenes and tries to help the patients. But in the meantime, Adams' wife, Marianne, stumbles upon Kimble's identity and tries to use that to her own advantage. When Dr. Adams' teenage niece, Sharon, falls into a coma after having an allergic reaction to bee stings, Kimble risks his freedom to take her away from Adams to a hospital for treatment.
Originally aired on: 11/2/1965
Fan Rating: 6.4

Episode 9: Landscape with Running Figures (1) (s03e09)

Plot Summary: In Part 1 of a 2-part story, Lt. Gerard and his wife are on a much-needed vacation. When Gerard rushes off to answer the call to duty, an angry Mrs. Gerard decides that enough is enough, and leaves town on the bus. Unbeknown to her, Kimble is on the same bus. When the bus crashes, Kimble helps her get away from the wreck. Due to a head injury, she is suffering from temporary blindness and doesn't recognize Kimble. Kimble, unaware of who SHE really is, decides to accompany her to a phone where she can contact her husband. Along the way Mrs. Gerard starts asking questions, and is starting to form an image of Kimble, and is intrigued with what she learns. Will she discover his true identity before they reach their destination?
Originally aired on: 11/16/1965
Fan Rating: 7.4

Episode 10: Landscape with Running Figures (2) (s03e10)

Plot Summary: In the conclusion to Part 1, Kimble accompanies a temporarily blinded Mrs. Gerard to a place where she can phone her husband for help. Mrs. Gerard, who is as inquisitive as her husband, continues to pepper Kimble with questions about himself and his life. As she starts to put the pieces together, she realizes that this man may be Richard Kimble. She begins to form a plan to trap him.
Originally aired on: 11/23/1965
Fan Rating: 7.4

Episode 11: Set Fire to a Straw Man (s03e11)

Plot Summary: Kimble reluctantly becomes involved with Stella Savano, the sister of George Savano, a mobster who runs the trucking company where Kimble works. Stella is an emotionally disturbed woman with a dangerous attraction to Johnny, the adopted eight-year-old son of Jesse Stangel, Kimble's co-worker. Kimble learns that Stella is actually Johnny's mother. But Stella becomes so delusional that she thinks that Kimble is Johnny's father.
Originally aired on: 11/30/1965
Fan Rating: 8.3

Episode 12: Stranger in the Mirror (s03e12)

Plot Summary: Kimble is working as a custodian for the Saturday Morning Camp, a weekend camp run by Tony and Carole Burnell. Things become complicated when two police officers are found beaten to death. The police recruit Tony, a former policeman, to interrogate a local juvenile delinquent who is the main suspect in the killings. But unknown to everyone, the real killer is Tony, who has Dissociative Identity Disorder (prev. called Multiple Personality Disorder)who blames the police for his death of his father, who was a policeman and was sent to prison on a trumped-up murder charge and then killed by the dirty cops during a prison riot.
Originally aired on: 12/7/1965
Fan Rating: 6.9

Episode 13: The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (s03e13)

Plot Summary: In the small town of Drover City, Montana, Kimble stumbles onto the annual "vigilante roundup," a carnival of sorts where locals "hunt" down anybody not wearing Western cowboy clothing. After being "lassoed" literally, Kimble is held "prisoner" in the local school cafeteria where the dance hall is. Meanwhile, Gerard arrives in the area after hearing reports of Kimble's spotting, has the state police set up roadblocks outside the town, and then enters looking for the fugitive. Gerard shows Kimble's mug shot to Charley Judd, the town marshal who recognizes Kimble. But Charley mistakenly thinks there's a reward on Kimble (and Charley wants to keep all the money for himself). So, he sends Gerard away on a false lead and has his girlfriend, Laura, transport Kimble to the real jail at the police station. There, Kimble must persuade Laura to let him go by telling her that Charley is in it for his own selfish reasons, just as Gerard figures out that Charley has sent him on a wild-goose chase and returns to the town.
Originally aired on: 12/14/1965
Fan Rating: 6.6

Episode 14: End of the Line (s03e14)

Plot Summary: After losing his wallet, Kimble steals another wallet to pay for his train fare. The wallet belongs to R.T. Unger, who owns a local dairy. Kimble finds work as dishwasher at a local diner in order to repay the debt. But when Unger finds his wallet missing, he calls the police. Kimble goes to Unger's house and gives back the wallet and money to Unger's daughter, Betty Jo, who is pregnant by Neil, a disreputable youth who works at Unger's dairy. Unger offers Neil $1,000 to leave town. But when Neil refuses, their argument turns into a fistfight where Kimble walks in and sees Neil kill Unger. Kimble flees and tries to find a way to get out of town before Neil decides to pass the blame for the killing on the fugitive.
Originally aired on: 12/21/1965
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 15: When the Wind Blows (s03e15)

Plot Summary: In rural Wyoming, Kimble seeks refuge from the local constable at a small hotel run by Lois Carter, a young widow who hires him as a handyman. Kimble soon befriends Lois' son Kenny, a particularly sensitive young boy who protects Kimble from the police when they arrive looking for him.
Originally aired on: 12/28/1965
Fan Rating: 8.1

Episode 16: Not With a Whimper (s03e16)

Plot Summary: Kimble arrives in the factory town of Hempstead Mills, West Virginia to assist Andrew McCallister, his longtime mentor whom is dying from lung cancer which he is confined to a wheelchair. McCallister's vigorous anti-smog campaign has earned him a reputation as a local crackpot. But the old man plans to go out with a bang; by having a bomb hidden in a package where he has Kimble deliver to the local factory. But when McCallister discovers that a group of school children will be inside the factory during a school tour at the time of the explosion, he dispatches Kimble to evacuate the building and deactivate the bomb before time runs out.
Originally aired on: 1/4/1966
Fan Rating: 7.4

Episode 17: Wife Killer (s03e17)

Plot Summary: Reporter Barbara Webb spots Fred Johnson, the one-armed man, in a police roundup of suspicious character during a murder investigation. Calling to mind the Kimble case with her publisher boss Herb Malone, Barbara takes a photo of Johnson and publishes it in the local newspaper. The image of the one-armed man draws both Kimble and Gerard to the town. While Gerard waits for Kimble to show up at the police station, the fugitive is outside and sees Johnson in the jail courtyard. But the one-armed man spots Kimble and escapes from the jail and steals a getaway car. Barbara spots Kimble and tells him to get in her car as they chase after the one-armed man. During the chase down a winding mountain road, the one-armed man's car crashes, and Kimble has to tend to Johnson's injuries knowing that he's the only one to clear Kimble of his wife's murder. Unable to speak because of a head injury, Johnson nods when Kimble asks if he murdered Helen. While Kimble rests, Barbara types a confession paper for Johnson to sign, but he passes out before he can sign the paper. Meanwhile, Gerard and his men slowly close in on Kimble's hideout.
Originally aired on: 1/11/1966
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 18: This'll Kill You (s03e18)

Plot Summary: Kimble finds work at a Laundromat owned by Charlie Paris, a former stand-up comic and mob bookie who hopes to go straight. But Kimble doesn't know that that the underworld has put a hit contract on Charlie for testifying against some of their business "associates." Charlie hopes to make amends meet to his longtime girlfriend Paula, but she's more interested in Kimble. When a mob flunky offers Paula $8,000 for turning Charlie over to them, she does not pass up the chance and takes the money, while Charlie refuses to believe Kimble's suspicions that Paula plans to betray him.
Originally aired on: 1/18/1966
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 19: Echo of a Nightmare (s03e19)

Plot Summary: Jane Washburn, an undercover policewoman, witnesses three youths beat up and rob Kimble. She attends to him, but becomes suspicious after he declines to report his mugging to the police. So, she handcuffs herself to Kimble to arrest him, but he manages to flee the area with her. After Jane sprains her ankle after hopping off a freight train, they break into an abandoned farm house so Kimble can attend to her, as well as saw off the handcuffs. But the family who lives there soon returns and Kimble is held at gunpoint by the domineering and rabid patriarch of the family.
Originally aired on: 1/25/1966
Fan Rating: 8.3

Episode 20: Stroke of Genius (s03e20)

Plot Summary: Gary Keller, a promising art student, tests his new rifle by firing a random shot which instantly kills his mentor, the town minister, who happens to be driving on a road right in the line of fire. Kimble happens to be in the car after the minister gives a ride to the hitchhiking fugitive. The car crashes and Kimble hobbles away to attend to his injuries. A guilt ridden Gary wants to confess, but his father, Steve, refuses to let him do so and destroy his promising career. The police arrive on the scene and after spotting Kimble, they think he is the killer and notify Gerard whom arrives in town to track him down. Meanwhile, Steve decides to take matters into his own hands by finding Kimble and hiding him so he does not implicate his son.
Originally aired on: 2/1/1966
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 21: Shadow of the Swan (s03e21)

Plot Summary: At a carnival, Kimble meets Tina Anderson, an attractive young woman whom helps him get a job and introduces him to her uncle Harry, whom is a retired police detective. But Harry soon recognizes Kimble and tries to arrest him. Tina helps Kimble get away and wants to run off with him, but he refuses. Tina, whom is revealed to be an obsessed sociopath, plots to betray Kimble for him refusing her advances.
Originally aired on: 2/8/1966
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 22: Running Scared (s03e22)

Plot Summary: After learning of the death of his father, Kimble contacts Donna and her husband Len Taft and wants to meet with them. Donna and Len drive to Fort Wayne, Indiana and check into a hotel under assumed names. But their rendezvous is threatened by Mike Ballinger, the former prosecuting attorney at Kimble's trial, who recognizes them and calls on Gerard to set up a trap.
Originally aired on: 2/22/1966
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 23: The Chinese Sunset (s03e23)

Plot Summary: Kimble is working as the "general factotum" in a swank Beverly Hills hotel on Sunset Blvd. An undercover policeman, named Fred Bragin, checks into the hotel to survey Eddie Slade, a notorious mob bookie. When Slade leaves town for a few days to sort out some business of his, his girlfriend, Penelope, stays behind while Bragin focuses his surveillance on her. Penelope meets and turns to Kimble for help in mingling with the wealthy in-crowd of the hotel residents in which Kimble agrees to tutor her on the find art of socializing, manners, and better increasing her vocabulary.
Originally aired on: 3/1/1966
Fan Rating: 7.0

Episode 24: Ill Wind (s03e24)

Plot Summary: Gerard tracks Kimble to a migrant community in South Texas where he finally captures the fugitive who attempts to flee by train. But a violent hurricane strikes the area and forces them to seek shelter in a fragile barn where most of the farm workers are gathered. But when Gerard is badly injured when the roof collapses on him, Kimble, to the astonishment of the workers, actually helps try to save the lieutenant by helping transport him to another building where the fugitive pleads for a blood donor to save Gerard's life whom has weakened by the loss of blood.
Originally aired on: 3/8/1966
Fan Rating: 7.2

Episode 25: With Strings Attached (s03e25)

Plot Summary: Kimble is hired as a chauffeur by Geoffrey Martin, a 17-year-old violinist whom has grown weary of his career and would like to stop playing professionally for a few years when he decides to go away to college. But Geoffrey's demanding guardian/instructor, Max Pfeiffer, refuses to let Geoffrey go because under a contract, Geoffrey is obligated to continue performing until he is 21. In order to "free" himself from Mr. Pfieffer, Geoffrey manipulates his assistant, Ellen, and Kimble into believing that Mr. Pifieffer is emotionally destroying him.
Originally aired on: 3/15/1966
Fan Rating: 6.2

Episode 26: The White Knight (s03e26)

Plot Summary: After witnessing a small plane crash, Kimble rescues the pilot and two passengers, senatorial candidate Glenn Madison, and his assistant/secret lover, Pat Haynes. Glenn's PR man, Russ Haynes (Pat's husband) arranges for a sketch artist to draw a portrait of Glenn's rescuer whom had left the scene. Russ locates the fugitive and brings him to the Madison estate for Glenn to congratulate him for saving his life. But the sketch artist recognizes Kimble and calls the police whom arrives at the mansion. But Russ and Glenn hold them off. Meanwhile, Glenn's wife, Claire, recognizes Kimble, and threatens to turn him in unless he tells her of the person that Glenn has seeing, aware of her husband's long history of infidelity. But Kimble claims not to know anything. When Kimble confronts Pat, she admits to her affair with Glenn. Claire overhears the conversation and decides to destroy her husband's image. But Glenn murders her and then calls the police again to put the blame of the fugitive.
Originally aired on: 3/22/1966
Fan Rating: 6.6

Episode 27: The 2130 (s03e27)

Plot Summary: While working as a chauffeur in Denver, Colorado, Kimble reluctantly covers for teenager Lauire Ryder after she dents her father's car. But Kimble flees after discovering that Laurie was involved in a hit-and-run. After learning Kimble's identity, Laurie's father, Dr. Mark Ryder, summons Gerard (along with the entire Kimble file) to Denver where he introduces Gerard to the 2130, a computer that can help capture the fugitive by determining a pattern to his travels. As the 2130 makes progress, Kimble's new travels all over the country end with one close escape after another with the police.
Originally aired on: 3/29/1966
Fan Rating: 8.1

Episode 28: A Taste of Tomorrow (s03e28)

Plot Summary: Kimble meets Joe Tucker, another fugitive whom claims that he was wrongly convicted for embezzlement four years earlier and wants to return to his hometown to kill the bank officer he claims framed him. When Kimble is arrested for driving Joe's truck which was stolen, Joe's teenage daughter, Sarah, tries to get Kimble to reveal the location of her father claiming that the real culprit, whom died recently, had confessed to the crime before he died. Kimble manages to escape from the jail and tries to find Joe before he kills an innocent man. But the police uncover Kimble's true identity and set out to capture both him and Joe.
Originally aired on: 4/12/1966
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 29: In a Plain Paper Wrapper (s03e29)

Plot Summary: Kimble, working as a bartender in a local diner, becomes involved with waitress Susan Cartwright. But their growing romance is complicated by the arrival of Susan's orphaned nephew Gary, who is trying to break into a small group of local boys. When Gary recognizes Kimble from growing up in Stafford, Gary tells them of his find and they decide to capture the fugitive with a rifle they purchase from a magazine ad. Meanwhile, Susan's social worker, Mr. Shaw, investigates Susan and her ability to raise Gary, but then focuses on Kimble.
Originally aired on: 4/19/1966
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 30: Coralee (s03e30)

Plot Summary: After a diver dies in an underwater mishap, Kimball comes to the defense of the diver's girlfriend-whom the locals believe is a jinx. Kimball knows that the death may have been due to negligence- knowledge that puts him in jeopardy.
Originally aired on: 4/26/1966
Fan Rating: 7.4

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