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The Fugitive (1963): Season 2

Episode 1: Man in a Chariot (s02e01)

Plot Summary: Kimble happens to watch a TV debate in which a once-renowned attorney, named G. Stanley Lazer, claims that he could reverse Kimble's criminal conviction if the case went back to trial. Lazer once a respected lawyer, had his license revoked after getting into a car accident years before while driving drunk in which his wife was killed. Lazer now spends his days teaching law at a small college in Harrisburg. Kimble travels to Pennsylvania and meets with Lazer and his assistant, Nancy Gilman, to enlist their help. To prove his theory, Lazer decides to conduct a mock trial with his students playing the prosecutor, defense lawyer, and jury in front of a live TV audience. But while the mock trial continues, Kimble becomes aware that Lazer is really putting himself on trial for his past misdeeds.
Originally aired on: 9/15/1964
Fan Rating: 8.2

Episode 2: World's End (s02e02)

Plot Summary: Kimble answers a classified ad from Ellie Burnett, the daughter of his former defense attorney. They arrange to meet in Kansas City to discuss the information she received about a one-armed man from a private detective hired by her father. Gerard sees the ad and knows who wrote it because he and Ellie's father were close friends and that Ellie may be in love with Kimble. While Gerard has Ellie investigated, she and Kimble find out that the one-armed man was killed in a fire only a week before. Kimble is devastated, but vows to confirm it. A little later, Ellie's private detective informs her that the one-armed man who died in a fire was actually in prison at the time of Helen Kimble's murder. But Ellie withholds this news from Kimble and convinces him that they should leave the country, realizing that this may be her only chance at a life with him.
Originally aired on: 9/22/1964
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 3: Man on a String (s02e03)

Plot Summary: While walking on the road late at night, Kimble comes to the aid of Lucey Russell after her car has broken down. As gratitude, she provides him with a place to stay for the night. But the next morning, the police find the dead body of Lars Adams, a married man who Lucey had been having an affair with, only a few feet from where her car broke down. As a result, Lucey is arrested for Lars' murder. Lars' wife, Amy, realizes that her husband was killed accidentally, but after learning of his philandering with Lucey, Amy decides that Lucey should take the rap. Kimble realizes that he can prove Lucey's innocence, but testifying for her could jeopardize his own freedom.
Originally aired on: 9/29/1964
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 4: When the Bough Breaks (s02e04)

Plot Summary: While hopping freight trains, Kimble meets a young woman, named Carol Hollister, who is traveling with her baby to meet her husband. But Kimble doesn't know that Carol is a mentally disturbed young woman whose newborn baby died a year earlier and she has abducted another baby. Soon, Carol becomes so far gone that she mistakes Kimble for her late husband. Kimble must find a way to get the baby away from Carol and return him to his parents while avoiding the police, who are looking for her.
Originally aired on: 10/6/1964
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 5: Nemesis (s02e05)

Plot Summary: Kimble escapes from his workplace at a hatchery just as Gerard and the local sheriff come to arrest him. As Kimble drives off in the sheriff's car, he discovers that Gerard's son is hiding in the backseat.
Originally aired on: 10/13/1964
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 6: Tiger Left, Tiger Right (s02e06)

Plot Summary: While working as a gardener on the estate of the wealthy Mike and Laura Pryor, Kimble is mistakenly abducted by Harold and Irene Cheyney. Harold is a Korean War veteran and former factory worker who lost the use of his legs after a truck owned by the Pryor's company hit him. After writing several letters to Mike Pryor asking about work and disability compensation, of which none were answered, Harold decides to kidnap Mike for a $100,000 ransom. But since Harold and Irene have never met or seen Mike Pryor, they abduct Kimble instead, after seeing Mike's son, Glenn, give more affection to Kimble than his distant father.
Originally aired on: 10/20/1964
Fan Rating: 6.8

Episode 7: Tug of War (s02e07)

Plot Summary: Kimble is working on a farm when he is captured by a sheriff and his deputy. The two men start fighting about how and when to turn Kimble over to the authorities - and one of them will go to any length to make sure he gets credit for the capture.
Originally aired on: 10/27/1964
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 8: Dark Corner (s02e08)

Plot Summary: Kimble finds refuge from the police in a rural farm house, where he meets Mattie Braydon, a sculptress who suffers from hysterical blindness and lives with her older sister and their uncle. Mattie protects Kimble and while hiring him as a farmhand, she also begins using him as a model for her clay sculptures she keeps in the barn. But Kimble soon finds out that the sweet and innocent Mattie is in fact a possessive and manipulative sociopath who wants Kimble for herself and will do anything, including committing murder, to ensure her dark secrets of her past never get revealed.
Originally aired on: 11/10/1964
Fan Rating: 7.4

Episode 9: Escape Into Black (s02e09)

Plot Summary: On the verge of closing in on the shadowy one-armed man, Kimble is rendered amnesiac after a freak gas explosion at a roadside diner. While the fugitive fights to regain his memory, a struggle ensues at the hospital between Margaret Ruskin, a social worker who recognizes Kimble and believes him to be innocent, and a local physician, Dr. Towne, who believes Kimble to be guilty. Meanwhile, the one-armed man slips away, but not before he makes an anonymous phone call to the police and Gerard about Kimble's whereabouts.
Originally aired on: 11/17/1964
Fan Rating: 8.6

Episode 10: The Cage (s02e10)

Plot Summary: While working as a handyman in the predominantly Hispanic fishing village of Puerto Viejo, Kimble becomes aware that the area is beset with a plague epidemic and he's forced to call the state health inspector to have the entire area quarantined. But he soon finds himself trapped when the local doctor suspects his true identity and the irate villagers set out to find him.
Originally aired on: 11/24/1964
Fan Rating: 7.1

Episode 11: Cry Uncle (s02e11)

Plot Summary: After finding refuge in an orphanage, Kimble becomes entwined in the plight of a troubled teenage boy who passes him off as his uncle.
Originally aired on: 12/1/1964
Fan Rating: 7.2

Episode 12: Detour on a Road Going Nowhere (s02e12)

Plot Summary: While working as a hotel steward in Wyoming, Kimble is forced to run after learning that another hotel employee has stolen hotel funds, and Kimble becomes the suspect. Kimble escapes on a tour bus containing a bickering couple called the Langners, a visiting spinster named Louanne, a local guy named Sandy Baird, and the bus driver. But Kimble becomes trapped when the bus breaks down on a back road, and all the passengers discover his secret when his identity is revealed over the radio. Held at gunpoint, Kimble must find a way to escape by emotionally getting between his various captors before the bus driver returns with the police.
Originally aired on: 12/8/1964
Fan Rating: 8.6

Episode 13: The Iron Maiden (s02e13)

Plot Summary: An industrial accident traps Kimble and some government workers underground. A member of the trapped group wants to turn Kimble in as soon as they are rescued. To add to Richard's problems, Lt. Gerard is waiting above at the only exit.
Originally aired on: 12/15/1964
Fan Rating: 8.0

Episode 14: Devil's Carnival (s02e14)

Plot Summary: Kimble unwittingly hitches a ride with Hanes McClure, a wanted criminal out to settle a score in his Georgia hometown. When Hanes attempts to crash a barricade, Kimble grabs the wheel to save an innocent life, but it gets both of them arrested. Both Kimble and Hanes then endure the spectacle the small town makes of the double arrest.
Originally aired on: 12/22/1964
Fan Rating: 6.2

Episode 15: Ballad for a Ghost (s02e15)

Plot Summary: Kimble finds himself working with Hallie, a woman who bears a strong resemblance to his late wife. Hallie knows of the resemblance, and Kimble's danger is increased when Hallie's husband becomes jealous.
Originally aired on: 12/29/1964
Fan Rating: 8.4

Episode 16: Brass Ring (s02e16)

Plot Summary: In Santa Monica, California, Kimble is hired by Norma Sessions to help care for her invalid brother Leslie, who was crippled in a car accident. Kimble doesn't realize that Norma, with her boyfriend Lars, are plotting to murder Leslie to collect his insurance money. When Norma suspects Kimble is hiding from the police, she plots to frame him for Leslie's murder.
Originally aired on: 1/5/1965
Fan Rating: 8.3

Episode 17: The End Is But the Beginning (s02e17)

Plot Summary: Kimble takes advantage of a deadly car accident as a way to try and convince Gerard that he is now dead.
Originally aired on: 1/12/1965
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 18: Nicest Fella You'd Ever Want to Meet (s02e18)

Plot Summary: While traveling though a small town in Arizona, Kimble is arrested by the brutal and sadistic Sheriff Jo Bob Sims who has political ambitions. Sheriff Sims (unaware of Kimble's true identity) subjects him to slave labor with a group of other vagrants he arrests on a daily basis for no reason other than to torture or humiliate them. When Kimble witnesses Sims murder another prisoner and has the equally corrupt mayor and town council cover it up to look like an accident, Kimble becomes aware that his own life is in danger.
Originally aired on: 1/19/1965
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 19: Fun and Games and Party Favors (s02e19)

Plot Summary: While working as a chauffeur for a wealthy family, Kimble learns that the teenage daughter of the family is dating the pool cleaner. While chaperoning a party for the daughter's friends, Kimble throws out an unruly young man who crashes the party. But Kimble is soon faced with a little blackmail when the man turns out to be a crime buff and recognizes Kimble from a police magazine.
Originally aired on: 1/26/1965
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 20: Scapegoat (s02e20)

Plot Summary: A man who knew Kimble during one of his disguises, meets him again. He tells him that on one of his hurried, silent departures from a town, he left behind evidence which indicated he was dead and an innocent man is being held for his murder.
Originally aired on: 2/2/1965
Fan Rating: 7.7

Episode 21: Corner of Hell (s02e21)

Plot Summary: On the run from Gerard, Kimble stumbles onto private property belonging to a family of moonshiners. When Gerard gives chase on foot, he too is caught by the backwoods family, and is accused of attacking one of the girls in the family. Kimble has to decide how to keep Gerard detained, and not killed, by the family while planning his own escape.
Originally aired on: 2/9/1965
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 22: Moon Child (s02e22)

Plot Summary: Kimble arrives in a small town where women are being murdered by an unknown serial killer and a vigilante mob mistakes Kimble (a stranger in town) of being the killer. Kimble hides out with a mentally retarded young woman named Joanne Mercer, a 'moon child' befriends Kimble and hides him in the basement of her house which is connected by a underground tunnel to a closed-down textile factory where the real killer is hiding out.
Originally aired on: 2/16/1965
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 23: The Survivors (s02e23)

Plot Summary: Richard Kimble returns home when he learns his wife's family is in financial trouble. The complications are that his mother-in-law hates him, his sister-in-law loves him, and his father-in-law is being questioned by the police.
Originally aired on: 3/2/1965
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 24: Everybody Gets Hit in the Mouth Sometime (s02e24)

Plot Summary: While working as a truck driver for a small freight company, Kimble discovers that his angry and bitter boss, Gus Hendrick, is being blackmailed by Lucia Mayfield, the wife of his late business partner, into paying her bills and for child support since Mr. Mayfield was killed a year earlier in a driving accident. But Kimble later learns that with Hendrick strapped for money, and Lucia merely squandering the blackmail money for her own selfish purposes, Hendrick plans to hijack one of his own trucks to collect an insurance settlement.
Originally aired on: 3/9/1965
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 25: May God Have Mercy (s02e25)

Plot Summary: While working as a hospital orderly, Kimble is recognized by Victor Leonetti and his wife Anne, who hold Kimble responsible for the death of their daughter. Kimble tries to flee, but gets shot and is forced to undergo surgery for the gunshot wounds. But when Victor learns that Kimble was trying to contact a specialist at the time of the girl's death, he tries to make amends by confessing to Gerard that he was the one who murdered Helen Kimble.
Originally aired on: 3/16/1965
Fan Rating: 7.9

Episode 26: Masquerade (s02e26)

Plot Summary: While traveling through a small Oklahoma town, Kimble is arrested because the police have mistaken him for Leonard Hull, a former numbers runner about to testify against a big-time racketeer. The racketeer has run away from a witness relocation program in that very town. Kimble is taken to a motel where Leonard's wife, Mavis, knows he's not Leonard. Kimble asks for her help to get away from the police and a local hit man pursuing them.
Originally aired on: 3/23/1965
Fan Rating: 7.3

Episode 27: Runner in the Dark (s02e27)

Plot Summary: A woman calls the police after she recognizes Kimble's picture on a TV quiz show and in the ensuing manhunt, Kimble hides out in a home for the blind. Kimble becomes acquainted with some of the residents, including the attractive Claire Whittaker, whom he assists, as well as Pete Haskell, who Kimble discovers is not really blind. Pete was actually temporarily blinded in a school bus accident months earlier and he blames himself since he was driving drunk at the time. But one of the residents is a certain Dan Brady, a veteran lawman who was blinded in the line of duty and has now been put out to pasture. Brady remains bitter for having lost his position as the town's sheriff to the younger, more educated, but less experienced, Barney Vilattic. When Brady suspects Kimble's true identity, he sees an opportunity to capture the fugitive to reclaim his former job.
Originally aired on: 3/30/1965
Fan Rating: 8.3

Episode 28: A.P.B. (s02e28)

Plot Summary: Kimble hops onto a freight train and finds himself in the company of three escaped convicts (two of whom are wounded during their escape). One of the convicts dies from his wounds while the second one, a brutal murderer named Neil Pinkerton, forces Kimble to treat his leg wound. Pinkerton decides to keep Kimble as a hostage as a safeguard against the police. Pinkerton, Kimble, and the other prisoner, named Matt Mooney, seek refuge in a farmhouse owned by widow Mona Ross and her mother, who recognize all of them and treat Kimble, Mooney and Pinkerton as their celebrity guests.
Originally aired on: 4/6/1965
Fan Rating: 7.7

Episode 29: The Old Man Picked a Lemon (s02e29)

Plot Summary: While working as a ranch hand on a California citrus farm, the owner, Leland Hagerman, suddenly dies in an accident and the man's racist and sadistic son, Blaine, arrives to stake his claim to the place and sees everyone as expendable, including Kimble whom must find a way to quietly slip away with the help of the Hispanic workers before Blaine stumbles upon his true identity.
Originally aired on: 4/13/1965
Fan Rating: 7.0

Episode 30: Last Second of a Big Dream (s02e30)

Plot Summary: Barry Craft figures he'll get some publicity by arranging to have Kimble captured at his wild-animal show.
Originally aired on: 4/20/1965
Fan Rating: 8.0

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