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The Brady Bunch: Season 3

Episode 1: Ghost Town, U.S.A. (s03e01)

Plot Summary: The kids and Alice have no clue as to what the surprise that Mike and Carol have for them. When Mike and Carol get home, the surprise is revealed as the Bradys have bought a camper and are planning a trip to Grand Canyon. As the Bradys set out for the vacation, en route, the family stops in an old ghost town where an old prospector locks them in a jail cell and steals their car.
Originally aired on: 9/17/1971
Fan Rating: 8.6

Episode 2: Grand Canyon or Bust (s03e02)

Plot Summary: After escaping the jail cell, Mike and Peter return with the prospector, who apologizes for locking them up and stealing their car. Later, the Bradys finally arrive in the Grand Canyon and set up camp. Later, the family is thrown into a panic, when Bobby and Cindy get lost in the canyon while chasing an Indian boy.
Originally aired on: 9/24/1971
Fan Rating: 8.3

Episode 3: The Brady Braves (s03e03)

Plot Summary: While trying to find their way back to their camp, Bobby and Cindy encounter the Indian boy again who leads them back to their camp. This brings relief to a worried Mike and Carol. However, Bobby and Cindy's wanting to help the Indian boy, Jimmy, in his quest of running away to become an astronaut gets them into more trouble.
Originally aired on: 10/1/1971
Fan Rating: 6.7

Episode 4: The Wheeler-Dealer (s03e04)

Plot Summary: Greg is all excited as he's about to go in for his driver's test. When he passes the test, he decides that he needs his own car so he buys a car for $100 from his friend Eddie who made the car into something it's not. Finding that he has been stuck, Greg attempts to do the same thing Eddie did, when he tries to sell the car.
Originally aired on: 10/8/1971
Fan Rating: 7.6

Episode 5: My Sister, Benedict Arnold (s03e05)

Plot Summary: Greg comes home furious when he is replaced on the basketball team by Warren Mulaney. When he discovers Marcia is dating Warren, he hits the roof and demands that Marcia stop seeing him. When she refuses, Greg tries to get revenge and begins dating the woman who beat Marcia out in cheerleading. Meanwhile, the Bradys prepare a dunking booth for a carnival.
Originally aired on: 10/15/1971
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 6: The Personality Kid (s03e06)

Plot Summary: Peter goes to a party and apparently someone there tells him that he's dull and doesn't have a personality. Convinced he doesn't have personality, Peter goes all out to try to get one. After imitating celebrities, Peter decides to try a funny personality in which he stocks up on jokes and plans to show his new personality off at a party. Meanwhile, Bobby and Cindy whip the house into shape after learning about fire safety at school.
Originally aired on: 10/22/1971
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 7: Juliet is the Sun (s03e07)

Plot Summary: When Marcia gets the lead as Juliet in the school play, she's not sure she can tackle such an important part. But when the Bradys encourage her, she lets it go to her head, which causes her to become unbearable at home and at school and plays as the major reason why she is replaced by her understudy.
Originally aired on: 10/29/1971
Fan Rating: 8.0

Episode 8: And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor (s03e08)

Plot Summary: A commercial producer discovers the Brady family while they are grocery shopping, one afternoon. He quickly wants them to be in a laundry soap commercial and soon the problem is whether or not to do the commercial since they don't use the product.
Originally aired on: 11/5/1971
Fan Rating: 6.2

Episode 9: The Private Ear (s03e09)

Plot Summary: Peter begins to secretly eavesdrop in on his siblings' private conversations with the help of Mike's tape recorder. This causes sibling rivalry and discord between his brothers and sisters and it doesn't take Mike and Carol long to realize something is wrong when Peter is the only one not fighting with his brothers and sisters. To get even, Marcia and Greg plan a trick for Peter to fall for with the help of the trusty tape recorder.
Originally aired on: 11/12/1971
Fan Rating: 8.4

Episode 10: Her Sister's Shadow (s03e10)

Plot Summary: Tired of being in Marcia's shadow, Jan is determined to do something that Marcia never did. However, Jan becomes more depressed when she fails to make the pom-pom team and her friend makes the squad. Then she wins first prize in the essay contest and finds out her teacher made a mistake in scoring.
Originally aired on: 11/19/1971
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 11: Click (s03e11)

Plot Summary: Greg wants to be on the football team, but Carol is against it, fearing that he's going to get hurt. Carol's fears come true when Greg fractures a rib which threatens his first string status. Meanwhile, Bobby gets a camera and begins snapping surprise photos of the entire family.
Originally aired on: 11/26/1971
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 12: Getting Davy Jones (s03e12)

Plot Summary: Marcia makes a promise that she will get Davy Jones to perform at the prom. A promise she quickly learns is going to be very difficult to keep, since trying to get a hold of him is almost impossible. Soon the entire family tries to think up ways to get a hold of him, including sending telegrams, visiting a TV studio where he is appearing on a television show and masquerading as busboys at a hotel.
Originally aired on: 12/10/1971
Fan Rating: 7.6

Episode 13: The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses (s03e13)

Plot Summary: After taking the wrong bike from school and when her grades begin to slip, Jan learns she may need glasses. Meanwhile, Mike's anniversary gift to Carol is a portrait of the six kids. The trick is getting the kids to the photographer without Carol finding out.
Originally aired on: 12/24/1971
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 14: The Teeter-Totter Caper (s03e14)

Plot Summary: When Bobby and Cindy are not invited to a wedding because they're too young, they set out to do something important. Their goal, break a teeter-totter record. As the rest of the family takes their attempts lightly, news reporters make a visit to the Brady household to report on their efforts. Meanwhile, Carol attempts to buy the perfect wedding gift for her Cousin Gertrude.
Originally aired on: 12/31/1971
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 15: Big Little Man (s03e15)

Plot Summary: Bobby becomes extremely self conscious about his height and tries different ways to make himself "big." First he tries stretching himself, and then he decides to improve his mind by memorizing a bunch of worthless facts.
Originally aired on: 1/7/1972
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 16: Dough Re Mi (s03e16)

Plot Summary: Greg, wanting to make a record, books a recording studio and plans on singing a song with his siblings. However, when Peter's voice begins to change, his hopes of recording Greg's planned song are dashed. That is until Greg gets a new idea that just may accommodate Peter's changing voice.
Originally aired on: 1/14/1972
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 17: Jan's Aunt Jenny (s03e17)

Plot Summary: Jan discovers her Aunt Jenny looked exactly like her when she was young. Curious about how she looks now and thinking perhaps that is how she'll turn out to look, Jan asks her for a picture of her now. This causes Jan to become distressed since Jenny, now, doesn't look to attractive.
Originally aired on: 1/21/1972
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 18: The Big Bet (s03e18)

Plot Summary: Bobby bets Greg that he can't do twice as many chin-ups as him. Greg, confident he'll win sits back while Bobby practices. However, Greg is totally unprepared when he loses and Bobby begins taking advantage of the terms of winning. Meanwhile, Mike's high school reunion has Carol trying to guess which person is Bobo, the nickname of an old flame of Mike's.
Originally aired on: 1/28/1972
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 19: The Power of the Press (s03e19)

Plot Summary: Peter comes home with the great news that he's been given his own column in the school newspaper. Peter quickly becomes popular with his classmates when they find their names in his newspaper column. Meanwhile, when starts getting a poor grade in his biology class, he decides to improve it by flattering his teacher in his column.
Originally aired on: 2/4/1972
Fan Rating: 8.4

Episode 20: Sergeant Emma (s03e20)

Plot Summary: Alice has decided to take a well deserved vacation, but feeling like she's deserting the Brady family, she calls in her cousin, Emma. The Bradys are in for a big surprise when she turns to household into an army barracks. The family soon plots to get rid of the power hungry pest by trying to get her to take a few days off.
Originally aired on: 2/11/1972
Fan Rating: 6.7

Episode 21: Cindy Brady, Lady (s03e21)

Plot Summary: With Jan trying to create a more mature hairdo and Marcia beginning to balance dates, Cindy begins to feel left out and is called immature by her two older sisters. Cindy tries to make herself more grownup by trying to act more mature and even tries dressing up in Carol's clothes. Later, Cindy suddenly feels important when she suddenly gets a mysterious letter from a secret admirer.
Originally aired on: 2/18/1972
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 22: My Fair Opponent (s03e22)

Plot Summary: For a joke, Molly Webber, a plain Jane, is nominated for hostess on Banquet Night. This practical joke sends Marcia on a mission to transform Molly into a knockout and she succeeds but discovers she may have succeeded too much when she finds herself running against her.
Originally aired on: 3/3/1972
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 23: The Fender Benders (s03e23)

Plot Summary: Carol is in a minor car accident in the parking lot at the supermarket with a man who agrees to pay the damages. However, a short while later, he changes his mind and Carol finds herself summoned to court with Bobby and Cindy testifying against her, citing they didn't see Carol look before she pulled out. However, Marcia, who was also in the car with Bobby and Cindy, disagrees with her two younger siblings.
Originally aired on: 3/10/1972
Fan Rating: 7.3

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