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The Beverly Hillbillies: The Boarder Info

Episode Title: The Boarder
Episode Rating: 9.9
Aired on: 12/9/1964
Season #: 3
Episode #: 11

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The Beverly Hillbillies: The Boarder [9.9]

Episode Summary

Granny is having one of dreams fulfilled she is managing her own boarding house. The Clampetts put out signs welcoming any incoming boarders and advertising what they offer. But when Drysdale and Jane drive up to the mansion, they see all the signs and take down most of them. This is also the same day that Mrs. Drysdales new butler Arthur Pinckney comes. He sees the remaining signs, which all are Welcome signs, and figures this is the Drysdale home. He sees the Clampetts and thinks they are servants, and attempts to mold them into the perfect staff. Though, he has no luck. When Jane and Drysdale find out what is going on, they decide to let Pinckney remain with the Clampetts to mold them into society people.

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