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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour [8.0]

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Plot Summary

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour was a mystery and suspense anthology hosted by the master of supsense Alfred Hitchcock. Each 60 minute episode included opening and closing vingettes featuring Hitchcock who would often explain some aspect of the day's show and would often offer subtle (or not so subtle) jabs at the shows sponsors.

The series premiered on CBS on Thursday, September 20, 1962 in the 10:00-11:00 PM timeslot opposite ABC's Alcoa Premiere and NBC's The Andy Williams Show. In its third season the show moved to NBC and was shown on Monday 10:00 to 11:00 PM. On NBC it was broadcast opposite ABC's Ben Casey and CBS's Slattery's People.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour featured both original works produced directly for television and adaptations of existing source material. Some authors whose work was adapted for the series include: Cornell Woolrich, Ellery Queen, H.G. Wells, Henry Slesar, John Wyndham, William Link, Ray Bradbury, and Robert Bloch. The show also featured work by famous (or later famous) directors Alfred Hitchcock, Sydney Pollack, and William Friedkin.

In 1962, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour was a one hour expansion (or spinoff) of the half-hour anthology Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In 1985, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour were revived under the titled Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Spinoff from: Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Revivals: Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)

First Telecast: September 20, 1962

Last Telecast: May 10, 1965

Episodes: 93 B&W Episodes

(93 one hour episodes)

Broadcast History

CBS: September 1962-May 1963----Thursday----10:00 p.m.

CBS: September 1963-July 1964----Friday----10:00 p.m.

NBC: October 1964-May 1965----Monday----10:00 p.m.

Emmy Awards and Nominations


Nominated: James Bridges, "The Jar" Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama (Adaptation)

Other Award or Nominations

Television Champion Awards (Voted each year since 1949 by polls of the nation's TV critics taken by the publishers of Television Almanac. The awards ceased in 1972):

1963 Winner: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Best Mystery Program

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