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That '70s Show: Season 2

Episode 1: Garage Sale (s02e01)

Plot Summary: To help with finances, the Formans have a garage sale. Hyde, wanting to help out as well, makes his special brownies to sell at the baked goods table, even though Eric warns him not to; the brownies fall into the wrong hands. Red sells more than he intended to, and has to deal with the consequences of his actions. At the movies, Fez puts the moves on Jackie.
Originally aired on: 9/28/1999
Fan Rating: 9.5

Episode 2: Red's Last Day (s02e02)

Plot Summary: It's Red's last day of work, and he decides to drown his unemployment sorrows at a bar. Kitty sends Eric to pick Red up; he, Hyde and Fez end up drinking with Red instead, leaving none of them in any condition to drive. Kelso gets a van, and christens it the "shaggin' wagon."
Originally aired on: 10/5/1999
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 3: The Velvet Rope (s02e03)

Plot Summary: Now that he's unemployed, the job hunt is on for Red. The gang decides to go to a dance club, and Jackie manages to convince Kelso that dressing like David Bowie is a good idea. Once at the club, Donna, Fez and Hyde have no problem getting in, but Eric can't make it past the overly large bouncer.
Originally aired on: 10/12/1999
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 4: Laurie and the Professor (s02e04)

Plot Summary: Bob and Midge's marital troubles spill over into a fight over Donna's affection. One of Laurie's college professors comes to Point Place to see if he can convince Laurie to return to classes, and he takes a 'hands-on' approach to the task, much to Eric's shock. Fez looks for a woman, and Hyde looks for a room to sleep in.
Originally aired on: 10/19/1999
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 5: Halloween (s02e05)

Plot Summary: The gang, looking for something fun to do on Halloween, revisits their old grammar school, where they find their permanent records. Looking through them, they find out some interesting things about each other. Fez discovers trick or treating.
Originally aired on: 10/26/1999
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 6: Vanstock (s02e06)

Plot Summary: Eric, Donna, Kelso, Hyde and Fez are all going to Vanstock, Wisconsin's own Woodstock. Jackie says she doesn't want to go, so Kelso invites Laurie. In the end, both girls go leaving Kelso stuck in the middle. Donna gets mad at Eric for not telling her about Kelso and Jackie. Fez spends the night girl chatting to Jackie and Laurie, much to Kelso's chagrin while Hyde attempts drop him in it. Red becomes addicted to soaps.
Originally aired on: 11/2/1999
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 7: I Love Cake (s02e07)

Plot Summary: Eric freaks out when Donna says 'I love you,' and all he can think of to say in return is 'I love cake.' Donna, not knowing how to deal with this, turns to Jackie for relationship advice. Midge kicks Bob out of the house; he stays with the Formans and Red has to act as a go-between to try to mend their marriage. Kelso gets a new leather jacket that he thinks makes him look like Marlon Brando, but the everyone else thinks he looks like the Fonz.
Originally aired on: 11/9/1999
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 8: Sleepover (s02e08)

Plot Summary: Donna finally sleeps with Eric, but when the guys find out that all they did was sleep, they tease him mercilessly. Hyde gets a job at the FotoHut, and finds out that compared to his boss, he's a workaholic. And Kitty has to work double shifts at the hospital, leaving Red to do the cooking.
Originally aired on: 11/16/1999
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 9: Eric Gets Suspended (s02e09)

Plot Summary: Donna is rebelling out over her parents' break up and takes up smoking. Eric gets caught holding one of her cigarettes in the school yard and is suspended. Even though Eric tries explaining what really happened, Red punishes him. Fez and Hyde go on a double date, set up by Fez's host parents; Hyde can't decide which girl he likes better. Jackie and Kelso argue over how many stuffed animals she can have in his van.
Originally aired on: 11/30/1999
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 10: Red's Birthday (s02e10)

Plot Summary: It's Red's birthday and the roof collapses so Eric gets him some 2 x 4s to fix it. Bob and Midge take Red and Kitty out for dinner but they each bring a date and ditch them to do it in the car. Eric is mad at Donna for talking to Hyde about her parent's problems instead of talking to him.
Originally aired on: 12/7/1999
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 11: Laurie Moves Out (s02e11)

Plot Summary: Laurie moves out and Red is pissed off when he finds out she moved in with a guy instead of with a girlfriend like she told him. She then moves back in when the guy goes back to his wife. Jackie suspects Kelso of being unfaithful.
Originally aired on: 12/14/1999
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 12: Eric's Stash (s02e12)

Plot Summary: Eric's secret stash of money goes missing, and Hyde is the first and only suspect. Hyde denies taking it, and everyone is shocked when the real culprit is revealed. Fez and Kelso help Jackie prepare for a beauty pageant.
Originally aired on: 1/11/2000
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 13: Hunting (s02e13)

Plot Summary: Red and Bob take the guys deer hunting; Hyde chills out, Fez bags dinner using only a few primitive weapons, Kelso is a menace with his gun, and Red and Eric bond in the deer blind. Meanwhile, Kitty and Midge have a girls' night with Donna, Jackie and Laurie, but with nothing to talk about, the end up playing poker.
Originally aired on: 1/18/2000
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 14: Red's New Job (s02e14)

Plot Summary: Eric gets a job at Price Mart as a cashier while Red gets one as a supervisor. Kelso tries to break up with Laurie because she wants a real relationship but Laurie threatens to tell Jackie about her and Kelso.
Originally aired on: 2/1/2000
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 15: Burning Down the House (s02e15)

Plot Summary: With her parents away, Jackie plans on throwing a small, classy dinner party. Kelso tries to turn it into a fun party, and invites everyone he knows; Jackie is upset, and when Kelso tries to fix things, he only ends up making them worse. Hyde makes it with a snobby girl from school, but the guys don't believe him. Red finds out that Bob wears a toupee, and then has to spend an uncomfortable evening not talking about it.
Originally aired on: 2/7/2000
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 16: The First Time (s02e16)

Plot Summary: Midge and Bob decide to renew their relationship with a second wedding, and want Donna to write the vows. This is difficult for Donna, since their marriage hasn't been very stable recently. Kelso is worried that the wedding will give Jackie ideas that he just doesn't want to consider. Writing the vows makes Donna come to a decision about the state of her relationship with Eric.
Originally aired on: 2/14/2000
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 17: Afterglow (s02e17)

Plot Summary: Donna has finally made Eric a man; he's overjoyed about it until he hears that things didn't go as well as he thought they had. Upset that she talked to the others instead of him, Eric suggests that they just don't do it again. Donna's upset because this was exactly what she feared would happen; things would get weird between them. They manage to resolve the matter, without the help of their friends. Meanwhile, Red, overjoyed at finally getting a pay check again, buys a special treat for himself and Kitty.
Originally aired on: 2/14/2000
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 18: Kitty and Eric's Night Out (s02e18)

Plot Summary: Eric goes out with his mom to the movies and is embarrassed at first but ends up having a good time. Fez gets a girlfriend and Hyde can't believe that she went from him to Fez and Jackie is jealous because she likes Fez.
Originally aired on: 2/28/2000
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 19: Parents Find Out (s02e19)

Plot Summary: Eric and Donna are caught having sex in the Vista Cruiser by the police. They bring them to the Forman's home. Red tells Donna that as an adult she should tell her parents and if she doesn't he will. Kitty has a nervous breakdown when she finds out that Eric and Donna are having sex. Fez, Hyde and Kelso try to pick up women on Kelso's CB radio.
Originally aired on: 3/7/2000
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 20: Kiss of Death (s02e20)

Plot Summary: Eric accidentally runs over Donna's cat, Mr. Bonkers, but fails to mention this to her. Kelso finds out that having two girlfriends isn't as wonderful as he thought it would be, and decides to break up with Laurie. He's surprised when she takes it well and only asks for one last kiss goodbye, but that one kiss causes more than one goodbye. Fez stuffs himself with cheese puffs, and then mistakes his apendicitis for a stomach ache.
Originally aired on: 3/20/2000
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 21: Kelso's Serenade (s02e21)

Plot Summary: Kelso, depressed over his break-up with Jackie, is determined to get her back. He comes up with a fool-proof plan to win her over: a seranade. Jackie, however, has a new idea of who she likes now, and he's the sweetest, coolest, guy around: Hyde. Donna begins to feel that Eric is taking her for granted, now that they've "done it."
Originally aired on: 3/27/2000
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 22: Jackie Moves On (s02e22)

Plot Summary: Fez asks Jackie out on a date; they go to an expensive restaurant but all she does is stuff her face and talk about Kelso. Red is angry at Kitty because she hocked a necklace that Red's mother had given her. Eric and Laurie try to out-insult each other and Eric wins when he tells Fez and Hyde that Laurie was born with a tail.
Originally aired on: 4/3/2000
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 23: Holy Crap! (s02e23)

Plot Summary: A work emergency leaves the Formans without Kitty on Sunday, and Eric and Laurie decide not to go to church. Kitty leaves that decision up to them, but when they don't change their minds, she brings the church to them by inviting Pastor Dave over for an afternoon of family fun and games. Kelso and Fez both grow beards, and Jackie finds the new, scruffy Kelso irresistible.
Originally aired on: 5/1/2000
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 24: Red Fired Up (s02e24)

Plot Summary: Red is starting be nicer to Eric at work, since there's a bad employee, Earl, who's getting all of Red's attention. But when Red fires Earl, and Eric stands up for him, Eric is back in Red's line of fire. Meanwhile, Kelso decides to date Laurie openly, and they both get lectures from Hyde and Kitty.
Originally aired on: 5/8/2000
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 25: Cat Fight Club (s02e25)

Plot Summary: Kelso has been warned that it could be dangerous for him if Red finds out that he's dating Laurie. Jackie finds herself tongue-tied in the face of Laurie's insults, so Hyde gives her lessons in Zen-coolness. She uses this, and a few other things, to triumph over her rival.
Originally aired on: 5/15/2000
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 26: Moon Over Point Place (1) (s02e26)

Plot Summary: Eric hates it when he finds a picture of Donna mooning the camera in the yearbook, and has to deal with his jealousy in the matter. Fez thinks that the white man is keeping him down because there are no pictures of him in the yearbook, and takes out his anger in a Foosball game. Jackie wants to spend time with Hyde, but when he won't go to roller disco with her, she decides to see what life is like on his side of the tracks.
Originally aired on: 5/22/2000
Fan Rating: 9.1

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