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That '70s Show: Season 1

Episode 1: That '70s Pilot (s01e01)

Plot Summary: While Eric Forman is swiping beer for his best friends Donna Pinciotti, Michael Kelso, and Steven Hyde, his parents Red and Kitty hint that he may be getting the old Vista Cruiser. Now Eric can drive all of his friends including the new foreign exchange student, Fez to a Todd Rundgren concert in Milwaukee. A minor snag occurs when Kelsos obnoxious girlfriend Jackie Burkhart finds out and invites herself along. An even bigger snag occurs when Red tells Eric that he cant drive the car out of Point Place.
Originally aired on: 8/23/1998
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 2: Eric's Birthday (s01e02)

Plot Summary: Erics 17th birthday is coming up and he really doesnt want a party. Unfortunately, its extremely obvious that Kitty is planning a surprise party against his wishes shes even invited his older sister Laurie home from college for the event. Eric enlists Lauries help in calling off the party while Kelso naively tries to attract her interest. And Donna, whos unsure about the state of her relationship with Eric, gets advice from Jackie on what to get him for a gift.
Originally aired on: 8/30/1998
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 3: Streaking (s01e03)

Plot Summary: President Ford comes to Point Place; Red is chosen to ask him a question, but struggles as he tries to speak. Eric and the guys welcome the President by streaking. Donna has to wear an American flag jumpsuit Bob gave her.
Originally aired on: 9/6/1998
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 4: Battle of the Sexists (s01e04)

Plot Summary: Red's hours at the plant are cut, so he fills his free time fixing things around the house, much to Kitty's dismay. Donna beats Eric at basketball, which sets off series of contests between them. Midge and Kitty each give their kids some pointers on harmonious relationships. The guys tease Kelso for being pig-whipped by Jackie.
Originally aired on: 9/20/1998
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 5: Eric's Burger Job (s01e05)

Plot Summary: With her parents going to the Playboy Club over the weekend, Donna drops Eric some unsubtle hints that she wants to hang out alone with him. Unfortunately, Eric is so preoccupied with getting a job at the new Fatso Burger that he completely misses her signals. Kelso gets the idea to throw a toga party at the Pinciotti house, but Donnas less than enthused about the prospect. As for Eric, he quickly finds that work eats up a lot of his free time.
Originally aired on: 9/27/1998
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 6: The Keg (s01e06)

Plot Summary: Eric skips school with Donna, Hyde, and Kelso for the first time in his life. Unbelievably, the gang finds a keg in the middle of the road and sees it as a sign that they should throw a party. Problems arise, however, when they all realize that theres no beer tap after the party is in full swing. Meanwhile, Red and Bob have their suspicions about what the kids are up to and launch a full scale search of Point Place.
Originally aired on: 10/25/1998
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 7: That Disco Episode (s01e07)

Plot Summary: The kids decide to go to a disco but Steven doesn't know how to dance so Mrs. Forman teaches him to dance. Mr. Pinciotti walks in on them in a compromising position and believes they're having an affair. Kelso gets jealous of Fez because he thinks he's putting the moves on Jackie.
Originally aired on: 11/8/1998
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 8: Drive-In (s01e08)

Plot Summary: Eric and Donna go to the drive-in. Eric doesn't want Kelso and Jackie to go because they'd be competition but Donna invites them anyway. Fez's house parents think he's listening to the devil's music (a copy of Kiss' Destroyer album). Red and Kitty spend the evening out and almost get arrested.
Originally aired on: 11/15/1998
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 9: Thanksgiving (s01e09)

Plot Summary: Laurie comes home for Thanksgiving with her friend Kate. Eric is annoyed that he'll have to give up his room for their guest, until he sees how hot Kate is. Jackie alerts Donna to the trouble she could be facing now that a college girl is sleeping in Eric's bed. Kitty tries vainly to avoid her mother-in-law's phone calls as she prepares for Thanksgiving dinner.
Originally aired on: 11/22/1998
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 10: Sunday, Bloody Sunday (s01e10)

Plot Summary: Red's mother spends a Sunday with them and drives everyone crazy, except Fez. She seems to have a certain fondness for him.
Originally aired on: 11/29/1998
Fan Rating: 8.4

Episode 11: Eric's Buddy (s01e11)

Plot Summary: Eric has a new friend and Steven and Kelso can't stand it. Steven doesn't like him because he's rich and Eric doesn't give him a ride home anymore because Buddy has a Trans Am. Kelso, on the other hand, seems like a worried spouse. Eric starts to feel uncomfortable around him however when Buddy makes a move on him. Buddy apparently thought that Eric was also gay. And Red makes his first sale.
Originally aired on: 12/6/1998
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 12: The Best Christmas Ever (s01e12)

Plot Summary: Red gives Eric 40 bucks to buy a Christmas tree and says that he can keep the change for his party. So Eric, Hyde and Kelso cut down a tree off the interstate and keep the money. They spend the money on beer and Kelso buys Jackie a Christmas present. Laurie spikes the punch with rum and Jackie's friend's are all attracted to Fez all of the sudden. Red has to work on Christmas Eve and not long after he gets home cops show up at his door telling him that his Christmas tree was illegally obtained and that they have to confiscate it. Also Hyde has a thing for Donna.
Originally aired on: 12/13/1998
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 13: Ski Trip (s01e13)

Plot Summary: Jackie dumps Kelso after he makes out with Pam Macy and invites everyone but him to her parents ski cabin for the weekend. Eric, excited about what this could mean for him and Donna, pays no attention to Kelsos whining about being left behind or Reds tips about driving in the snow. He doesnt realize that Hyde keeps hitting on Donna and Kelso plans on following them to the lodge. Also, Kitty gets mad at Red over a past indiscretion and Fez has his first experience with snow.
Originally aired on: 1/17/1999
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 14: Stolen Car (s01e14)

Plot Summary: When Eric scratches the car, Red suspends his driving privileges, so the gang has to walk everywhere. That is, until Kelso's cousin lends him a car. They get arrested though because the car was reported stolen. With one phone call, Kelso calls Jackie and she tells him that she'll have sex with him once he gets out of prison. The whole incident was a mix-up and the gang is released.
Originally aired on: 1/24/1999
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 15: That Wrestling Show (s01e15)

Plot Summary: Kitty thinks that it would be a good idea if Red and Eric become friends. She forces Eric to invite Red to go with the gang to a wrestling event in Kenosha. Bob tags along and seeks help from Fez and Hyde over Midges decision to start therapy. And Jackie is super nice to Kelso now that theyve done the deed.
Originally aired on: 2/7/1999
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 16: The First Date (s01e16)

Plot Summary: Valentines Day is coming up, so Eric decides to ask Donna out on their official first date and give her his class ring. She breaks her study date with Hyde in order to go, leading Hyde to realize he only has one last chance with her. Red and Kitty discover they don't have that much in common with Bob and Midge anymore. And Jackie explains to Kelso how things are going to work now that theyve proven their love to each other.
Originally aired on: 2/14/1999
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 17: The Pill (s01e17)

Plot Summary: Since no one else is around, Jackie confides in Eric that she thinks she might be pregnant. Eric passes the news on to Donna, who tries to get Jackie to tell Kelso. The incident inspires Donna to go on birth control pills. Her decision inadvertantly causes Eric a lot of grief when Bob and the Formans find out.
Originally aired on: 2/21/1999
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 18: Career Day (s01e18)

Plot Summary: It's career day and the gang must spend the day working with their parents. Eric goes to the hospital with Kitty and is amazed at all she has to deal with every day. Fez accompanies Hyde and interviews cafeteria lady Gross Edna while mother and son feud. Poor Michael spends the entire day trying to figure out what his dad does, while Donna is mortified by Bobs crazy promotional antics. And Red finally finds one of Eric's friends he likes: Jackie.
Originally aired on: 2/28/1999
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 19: Prom Night (s01e19)

Plot Summary: Prom night is fast approaching and Eric gets motel room as part of his spontaneous plan to do it with Donna on the big night. When Jackie finds out that Kelso asked slutty Pam Macy to prom, she gets Hyde to take her out of pity. Fez wants to take his pretty English teacher to the prom. As for the adults, they struggle with how to respond to Midges idea for her future career.
Originally aired on: 3/7/1999
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 20: A New Hope (s01e20)

Plot Summary: The guys go see Star Wars and are all completely blown away by it. Red asks Eric to hang out with his bosss son now that hes started working at the plant full-time again. David was an awkward kid the last time Eric saw him, but now hes a hunk who likes reading Donnas short stories. Also, Laurie starts hitting on Kelso out of boredom.
Originally aired on: 3/14/1999
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 21: Water Tower (s01e21)

Plot Summary: The guys paint a pot leaf on the water tower and Kelso falls off trying to fix it because everyone thinks it looks like the finger. Instead of going to the hospital they go to Eric's cause his mom's a nurse. When Eric goes to get her he walks in on his parents having sex. Having trouble sleeping and not being able to look his parents in the eyes leads his parents to believe he's on drugs.
Originally aired on: 6/14/1999
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 22: Punk Chick (s01e22)

Plot Summary: Hyde meets a girl who's the female version of him. She tries to convince him to go to New York with her but he decides that it would be best if he stayed behind. Kelso and Red make smaller paddles for Pong. Fez feels left out of everything. Jackie tries to bake a pie for home economics project, but she ruins it every time.
Originally aired on: 6/21/1999
Fan Rating: 8.6

Episode 23: Grandma's Dead (s01e23)

Plot Summary: Red's mother Bernice has once again managed to make everyone miserable during one of her visits. While driving his grandmother home, Eric lashes out and tells her that it wouldn't kill her to be nice once in a while. Bernice promptly drops dead, leaving Eric to think he killed her. The entire Forman family (including Laurie and Red's brother Marty) comes together for her funeral while Eric gets drunk at a bar with the guys.
Originally aired on: 7/12/1999
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 24: Hyde Moves In (s01e24)

Plot Summary: The gang goes skinny-dipping and Jackie gets sick. Hyde moves in with the Formans when his mom runs away with a trucker. Bob takes a liking to one of Midge's feminist friends.
Originally aired on: 7/19/1999
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 25: The Good Son (s01e25)

Plot Summary: Eric loves having Hyde as a "brother" because he does all of Eric's chores but when his parents start to prefer Hyde he starts to hate him. Hyde changes from the conspiracy minded trouble-making guy Eric loves to a total bore. Midge and Bob are having relationship problems. Red's old war buddy comes back and Red finds out that he's a swinger.
Originally aired on: 7/26/1999
Fan Rating: 8.8

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