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Survivor: No Longer Just A Game Info

Episode Title: No Longer Just A Game
Episode Rating: 9.1
Aired on: 4/12/2001
Season #: 2
Episode #: 12

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You are here: Home / Survivor / Season 2 / Episode 12: No Longer Just A Game

Survivor: No Longer Just A Game [9.1]

Episode Summary

The remaining 6 survivors compete in a reward challenge which sees Colby winning yet again. Colby for his reward gets to ride on a horse and have a shower while he has a feast. The 5 others return home to find their shelter destroyed by a flash flood. Rodger worries when he can't find the tin of rice. Tina & Keith hike down the river to find the rice and swim in the water to retrieve the tin of rice. Colby wakes up and has eggs and bacon as part of his reward. Colby is shocked when he returns to camp to find it destroyed by the flood. The survivors work together to re-build their shelter. At the immunity challenge Colby yet again wins. At Tribal Council, Rodger receives 2 votes while Amber receives 4 votes and becomes the 4th Jury Member.

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