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Survivor: I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal Info

Episode Title: I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal
Episode Rating: 9.2
Aired on: 5/10/2007
Season #: 14
Episode #: 13

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Survivor: I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal [9.2]

Episode Summary

Boo wants to see if he can listen into conservations by the water well by hiding while they are taking place. At the reward challenge, the Orange Team wins the first round and Yau-Man wins the second round. Yau-Man gives his car to Dreamz and exiles himself. On Exile Island, Yau-Man made the deal to out his biggest competitor. At the reward- Dreamz, Stacy and Cassandra delivered the supplies to the school and ate some lunch with the kids. Back at camp, on Day 36, Dreamz vents frustration about Yau-Man's deal. At the immunity challenge, after three rounds, Boo won. At camp, Stacy felt like she would go, but Dreamz wanted Cassandra, Stacy and himself to vote Yau-Man. At tribal council, Yau-Man played the immunity idol, making the 4 votes for him irrelevant, meaning that Stacy Kimball was booted and becomes the 7th member of the jury.

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