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Survivor: Blackmail or Betrayal Info

Episode Title: Blackmail or Betrayal
Episode Rating: 9.1
Aired on: 4/26/2007
Season #: 14
Episode #: 11

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Survivor: Blackmail or Betrayal [9.1]

Episode Summary

Returning from Tribal Council, Dreamz is glad it's over. The next morning, Alex and Mookie confront Dreamz about the betrayal. Dreamz says that he did not betray the group. At the reward challenge, two were formed. Boo injured himself, leading green to a victory. On Exile Island, Boo looks at the clue and says that he is nearing heat exhaustion. At the reward, the four Bula Bula tribe members enjoy showers, food and Alex and Earl talk in bed. The next day, the green team returns from the reward. Mookie and Alex try to blackmail Yau-Man. At the immunity challenge, Stacy wins and cannot be voted out. Before Tribal Council, it was discussed that the vote would be between Mookie and Alex. At tribal council, in a 4-3-1 decision, Mookie Lee became the eleventh person voted off and the fifth member of the jury.

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