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Survivor: Why Would You Trust Me? Info

Episode Title: Why Would You Trust Me?
Episode Rating: 9.3
Aired on: 11/23/2006
Season #: 13
Episode #: 11

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You are here: Home / Survivor / Season 13 / Episode 11: Why Would You Trust Me?

Survivor: Why Would You Trust Me? [9.3]

Episode Summary

On Raro, some people aren't very happy with Jonathan's directions at camp. Later, the five Raro members and the four Aitu members merge into one tribe called Aitutonga.The Aitu members feel vulnerable, so Yul creates a plan to get Jonathan to flip sides. Jonathan later becomes the swing vote at Tribal Council. He decides to betray the Raro tribe and join the Aitu alliance to vote out Nate.

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