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Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County [7.3]

Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County Plot Summary

Located in Orange County, just south of Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast, one of the wealthiest communities within the US, even the world, is located: It's name: LAGUNA BEACH!

After three seasons and some legal trouble, MTV moves the show to another town for a fourth season. The show moves to the bigger and richer NEWPORT BEACH.

MTV now gains unlimited access to the rich kids of Laguna Beach and follows them around all day and all night long. What do rich kids do all day long? They hang out on the beach, fall in love and do everything they can to enjoy their privileged life.

But is everyone so happy in this little paradise on Earth? Is everything as shiny as it looks like? In this smarter than it looks series, MTV proves that money might not be everything. The series focuses on a small group of high-school kids, who are filmed four days and nights a week over almost 6 months, a period of time that makes up one season. Every season has its main figure, who also works as narrator. In the first season this is Lauren "L.C." Conrad. In the second season it is L.C.'s big enemy, Kristen who takes over. After these two seasons everyone of the original cast left Laguna Beach for college, but MTV followed L.C. with the spin-off show THE HILLS.

The fresh start in season three, with an entire new cast, features Tessa as new center/speaker of the show - and the show starts all over back in high-school, senior year. The group of friends is characterized by constant fights, intrigues and other mean behavior. The ratings were so bad that MTV decided not to go on with this cast, but due the legal trouble with the commune of Laguna, the local high school forced MTV to move out of town.

The fourth season of the show moves to Newport Beach and welcomes an entire new cast. The season will feature high school senior Chrissy. Different than in the previous seasons, the show features just a couple of seniors while the others are juniors.

Compared to previous seasons, the Newport Harbor cast is much less focused on sex and intrigues. Nonetheless, the high school drama continues. Parents feature much more prominently in this season; parents who actually try to protect their children. The narrator is Chrissy. She's a high-school senior desperately in love with Clay, a high school junior. Even though he returns her affections, both need help to get close to each other. Clay gets his relationship advice from his best friend Grant while Chrissy gets hers from her best friend and neighbor Sasha. The group is completed by Chase, his on and off girlfriend Taylor, and his crush Allie.

Since ratings of the third season were bad and the show moved out of town, MTV only ordered 8 episodes for the fourth season. The ratings weren't bad, but also not outstanding. There was a fifth, and last, season, also known as a four-episodes special set called "Home For The Holidays".

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