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Miami Vice: Season 4

Episode 1: Contempt of Court (s04e01)

Plot Summary: By scaring the jury into a mistrial, a mobster hopes to buy time to find and silence the witness Crockett is protecting.
Originally aired on: 9/25/1987
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 2: Amen... Send Money (s04e02)

Plot Summary: The fury of feuding TV evangelists hits Tubbs when he is accused raping a parishioner.
Originally aired on: 10/2/1987
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 3: Death and the Lady (s04e03)

Plot Summary: An actress' on-screen murder propels Crockett and Tubbs to investigate the film's flaky director.
Originally aired on: 10/16/1987
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 4: The Big Thaw (s04e04)

Plot Summary: Two factions fight for possession of a dead reggae legend's body.
Originally aired on: 10/23/1987
Fan Rating: 7.7

Episode 5: Child's Play (s04e05)

Plot Summary: Crockett agonizes about shooting a child during a weapons investigation.
Originally aired on: 10/30/1987
Fan Rating: 9.7

Episode 6: God's Work (s04e06)

Plot Summary: The return of a kingpin's financial wizard son sets off speculations in the Miami underworld.
Originally aired on: 11/6/1987
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 7: Missing Hours (s04e07)

Plot Summary: A man's body disappears from the morgue. Trudy has an encounter with UFOs.
Originally aired on: 11/13/1987
Fan Rating: 5.1

Episode 8: Like a Hurricane (s04e08)

Plot Summary: Crockett is assigned to guard a recording star who is a witness in a payola scandal and ends up falling in love.
Originally aired on: 11/20/1987
Fan Rating: 7.8

Episode 9: Rising Sun of Death (s04e09)

Plot Summary: An executive's murder alerts Castillo to Yakuza presence in Miami, but the arrival of a Japanese investigator is no help.
Originally aired on: 12/4/1987
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 10: Love at First Sight (s04e10)

Plot Summary: Newlywed Caitlin fears Crockett's latest undercover assignment as bait for a killer at a dating service will make her a widow.
Originally aired on: 1/15/1988
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 11: A Rock and a Hard Place (s04e11)

Plot Summary: Two music executives try to ruin Caitlin's comeback by exposing Crockett as drug kingpin Burnett.
Originally aired on: 1/22/1988
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 12: The Cows of October (s04e12)

Plot Summary: A cowboy's larcenous attempt to improve his cattle attracts attention from the US government, Cuban Communists, and Izzy.
Originally aired on: 2/5/1988
Fan Rating: 6.2

Episode 13: Vote of Confidence (s04e13)

Plot Summary: A prominent senatorial candidate is arrested during a raid of a mobile whorehouse.
Originally aired on: 2/12/1988
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 14: Baseballs of Death (s04e14)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs suspect a Chilean police chief in a double murder.
Originally aired on: 2/19/1988
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 15: Indian Wars (s04e15)

Plot Summary: Tubbs relates to American Indians trying to save their homeland.
Originally aired on: 2/26/1988
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 16: Honor Among Thieves (s04e16)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs want to bring in a serial killer, but fear that it may blow their covers to break too soon.
Originally aired on: 3/4/1988
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 17: Hell Hath No Fury... (s04e17)

Plot Summary: The highly publicized release of a convicted rapist makes Trudy fear that the man's victim may have revenge on her mind.
Originally aired on: 3/11/1988
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 18: Badge of Dishonor (s04e18)

Plot Summary: When a string of murders is linked to another unit, Crockett and Tubbs believe an undercover officer may be the killer.
Originally aired on: 3/18/1988
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 19: Blood and Roses (s04e19)

Plot Summary: The mobster who killed Crockett's friend is released from prison.
Originally aired on: 4/1/1988
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 20: A Bullet for Crockett (s04e20)

Plot Summary: Sonny and Rico work undercover with a big dealer, Ricque "Loco" Mendez. During the police intervention, Sonny shot Loco, and the girlfriend of Loco shot Sonny. Members of the vice squad reminisce while Crockett lay close to death from the gunshot wound.
Originally aired on: 4/15/1988
Fan Rating: 8.4

Episode 21: Deliver Us from Evil (1) (s04e21)

Plot Summary: A murder case that hits close to home reunites Crockett with the man who used him to trick his way off death row.
Originally aired on: 4/29/1988
Fan Rating: 9.6

Episode 22: Mirror Image (2) (s04e22)

Plot Summary: A concussion leaves Crockett thinking he is his drug dealer alter-ego Burnett and goes to work for a Colombian crime boss.
Originally aired on: 5/6/1988
Fan Rating: 9.7

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