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Miami Vice: Season 3

Episode 1: When Irish Eyes Are Crying (s03e01)

Plot Summary: Gina is skeptical when a zealous Scotland Yard inspector labels her new love as a wanted terrorist working for the IRA.
Originally aired on: 9/26/1986
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 2: Stone's War (s03e02)

Plot Summary: Crockett's Vietnam journalist buddy, Ira Stone, is back--claiming to have footage of a secret U.S war in Nicaragua; the trail leads Stone, Crockett, and Tubbs to Maynard a.k.a. the elusive Captain Real Estate.
Originally aired on: 10/3/1986
Fan Rating: 9.5

Episode 3: Killshot (s03e03)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs are fingered as cops by a Customs agent who's being blackmailed by the drug kingpin the detectives are trying to nail.
Originally aired on: 10/10/1986
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 4: Walk Alone (s03e04)

Plot Summary: Tubbs poses as a con to expose prison guards who are extorting drugs from inmates, and killing those who refuse.
Originally aired on: 10/17/1986
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 5: The Good Collar (s03e05)

Plot Summary: A star high school athlete, arrested for delivering heroin, agrees to help Crockett trap a 15-year-old drug lord.
Originally aired on: 10/24/1986
Fan Rating: 9.5

Episode 6: Shadow in the Dark (s03e06)

Plot Summary: Crockett tries to nail a psychotic murderer by thinking like his quarry, despite the fact that another cop using that tactic wound up in a psych ward.
Originally aired on: 10/31/1986
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 7: El Viejo (s03e07)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs keep tabs on a crusty old stranger who plans to cut a deal with a murderous Bolivian drug dealer.
Originally aired on: 11/7/1986
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 8: Better Living Through Chemistry (s03e08)

Plot Summary: Tubbs' former partner frames him when he abducts a chemist for some drug dealers.
Originally aired on: 11/14/1986
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 9: Baby Blues (s03e09)

Plot Summary: Unexpected contraband--babies and a stowaway mother seeking the child taken from her--puts the cops on the trail of an adoption ring.
Originally aired on: 11/21/1986
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 10: Streetwise (s03e10)

Plot Summary: An undercover cop and his hooker lover help the detectives find the source of some pharmaceutical-grade cocaine.
Originally aired on: 12/5/1986
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 11: Forgive Us Our Debts (s03e11)

Plot Summary: New leads persuade Crockett that a man he put on death row might be innocent, but a campaign-conscious DA is reluctant to help.
Originally aired on: 12/12/1986
Fan Rating: 9.7

Episode 12: Down for the Count (1) (s03e12)

Plot Summary: Zito reluctantly uses a boxer as bait to help the vice squad nail a former drug kingpin involved in bookmaking; it ends in tragedy and the loss of a comrade for the vice cops.
Originally aired on: 1/9/1987
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 13: Down for the Count (2) (s03e13)

Plot Summary: Switek is outraged by Internal Affairs' findings; Crockett and Tubbs' TV gambit may prove fatal when a mobster reclaims the action lost to Guzman.
Originally aired on: 1/16/1987
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 14: Cuba Libre (s03e14)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs stumble onto a plot by fanatical Cuban commandos to assassinate an important Cuban diplomat.
Originally aired on: 1/23/1987
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 15: Duty and Honor (a.k.a. The Savage) (s03e15)

Plot Summary: Castillo is not the only one to realize that a series of prostitute murders matches the M.O. of killings in Vietnam in the early '70s--the cops get help on the case from a man claiming to be a Vietnamese inspector.
Originally aired on: 2/6/1987
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 16: Theresa (s03e16)

Plot Summary: Crockett's romantic entanglement with a heroin-addicted doctor jeopardizes his case against a dealer.
Originally aired on: 2/13/1987
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 17: The Afternoon Plane (s03e17)

Plot Summary: Tubbs finds out that his "raffle prize," a week in the Caribbean, is set up by a vengeful con and the Calderones to lure him out of his jurisdiction.
Originally aired on: 2/20/1987
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 18: Lend Me an Ear (s03e18)

Plot Summary: The electronics whiz providing Crockett and Tubbs with surveillance devices also outfits their drug-dealing quarry.
Originally aired on: 2/27/1987
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 19: Red Tape (s03e19)

Plot Summary: Tubbs searches desperately for the source of information leaks about future busts.
Originally aired on: 3/13/1987
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 20: By Hooker By Crook (s03e20)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs seek a murder witness, unaware that she works for a madame who is Sonny's lover.
Originally aired on: 3/20/1987
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 21: Knock, Knock, Who's There? (s03e21)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs probe drug busts ruined by phony federal agents who disappear with the evidence.
Originally aired on: 3/27/1987
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 22: Viking Bikers from Hell (s03e22)

Plot Summary: A motorcycle gang seeks to avenge a drug-dealing comrade's death by killing off his former customers.
Originally aired on: 4/3/1987
Fan Rating: 8.6

Episode 23: Everybody's in Showbiz... (s03e23)

Plot Summary: An actor/writer is in danger when he steals a drug dealer's briefcase and the vital information it contains.
Originally aired on: 5/1/1987
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 24: Heroes of the Revolution (s03e24)

Plot Summary: An East German spy seeks to avenge the murder of Gina's mother in Cuba 26 years earlier, and uses her to lure the killer out.
Originally aired on: 5/8/1987
Fan Rating: 8.1

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