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Miami Vice: Season 2

Episode 1: The Prodigal Son (1 & 2) (s02e01)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs go to Manhattan to find a group of Colombian drug dealers who are killing federal agents.
Originally aired on: 9/27/1985
Fan Rating: 9.5

Episode 2: Whatever Works (s02e02)

Plot Summary: Crockett, Tubbs, and Castillo contact a Santerian priestess to help find the link between ritualistic killings of officers and a group of drug traffickers. Crockett and Izzy try to get the Ferrari back after a city accountant re-possesses it.
Originally aired on: 10/4/1985
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 3: Out Where The Buses Don't Run (s02e03)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs question the sanity of a retired vice cop who wants them to chase after a coke dealer thought to be dead.
Originally aired on: 10/18/1985
Fan Rating: 9.7

Episode 4: The Dutch Oven (s02e04)

Plot Summary: Trudy is torn between love and duty when she learns that her lover's friend may be connected to a big-time cocaine dealer.
Originally aired on: 10/25/1985
Fan Rating: 7.0

Episode 5: Buddies (s02e05)

Plot Summary: Crockett is forced to realize that an old Army buddy may be involved with a contract on a young mother's life.
Originally aired on: 11/1/1985
Fan Rating: 9.5

Episode 6: Junk Love (s02e06)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs' connection to a major smuggler is a young woman who acts like his girl though she claims to hate him, and whose drug habit may blow the bust.
Originally aired on: 11/8/1985
Fan Rating: 8.1

Episode 7: Tale of the Goat (s02e07)

Plot Summary: Tubbs infiltrates a criminal voodoo cult whose leader has returned from Haitiand apparently the graveto collect an old debt.
Originally aired on: 11/15/1985
Fan Rating: 8.1

Episode 8: Bushido (s02e08)

Plot Summary: Castillo is contacted by a former associate who's on the run from both the CIA and the KGB.
Originally aired on: 11/22/1985
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 9: Bought and Paid For (s02e09)

Plot Summary: Gina is out to nail the man who raped her friend but is frustrated by the suspect's wealth and connections--and by the victim's sudden recantation.
Originally aired on: 11/29/1985
Fan Rating: 8.0

Episode 10: Back in the World (s02e10)

Plot Summary: A journalist that Crockett knew in Vietnam is ready to break a story about "The Sergeant"--a shadowy legend thought to have shipped heroin stateside in body bags.
Originally aired on: 12/6/1985
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 11: Phil the Shill (s02e11)

Plot Summary: Switek has to cool his vendetta against a shady game-show host who could lead the vice cops to an elusive coke dealer.
Originally aired on: 12/13/1985
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 12: Definitely Miami (s02e12)

Plot Summary: Crockett falls for the wife of a murderous drug dealer and the Feds want the vice cops to give up a protected witness to help bust a major distributor.
Originally aired on: 1/10/1986
Fan Rating: 9.5

Episode 13: Yankee Dollar (s02e13)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs engage a drug dealer in a game of wits and double-crosses to snare bigger game.
Originally aired on: 1/17/1986
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 14: One Way Ticket (s02e14)

Plot Summary: Efforts to convict a drug dealer who murdered a deputy DA are hampered by a lack of evidence and by a defense attorney disliked by Crockett.
Originally aired on: 1/24/1986
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 15: Little Miss Dangerous (s02e15)

Plot Summary: A psychotic is dubbed the "Crayon Killer" for leaving behind childlike drawings at murder scenes. Tubbs tries to help a young woman get off the streets.
Originally aired on: 1/31/1986
Fan Rating: 9.6

Episode 16: Florence, Italy (s02e16)

Plot Summary: A Grand Prix driver has a lot on his mind: first-time fatherhood, a race against his legendary dad --- and the fact that he is suspected of killing a teenage prostitute.
Originally aired on: 2/14/1986
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 17: French Twist (s02e17)

Plot Summary: An Interpol agent arouses Crockett's interest, and Tubbs' suspicion, as they search for an international drug-dealing assassin.
Originally aired on: 2/21/1986
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 18: The Fix (s02e18)

Plot Summary: A judge with heavy gambling debts tries to persuade his college all-star son to throw a game. Crockett suspects the judge let a drug dealer go free because of his money troubles.
Originally aired on: 3/7/1986
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 19: Payback (s02e19)

Plot Summary: A reclusive drug supplier thinks Crockett has the $3 million stolen by the dealer's former employee.
Originally aired on: 3/14/1986
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 20: Free Verse (s02e20)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs have trouble keeping a rein on their charge, a recently freed Central American political prisoner who likes to party.
Originally aired on: 4/4/1986
Fan Rating: 8.0

Episode 21: Trust Fund Pirates (s02e21)

Plot Summary: Crockett and Tubbs prevail upon a pilot to stall his retirement from the contraband business long enough to connect them with a band of murderous 20th-century pirates.
Originally aired on: 5/2/1986
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 22: Sons and Lovers (s02e22)

Plot Summary: The Calderones are back. Angelina reveals that Tubbs fathered her son and her half-brother has put up a $1 million bounty to avenge her father's death.
Originally aired on: 5/9/1986
Fan Rating: 9.7

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